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At the Meet Next Gen, we are committed to building a strong and connected community in Rockland County and the surrounding neighborhood. We believe in providing valuable information and events that foster relationships among community members. Our outreach programs and activities focus on supporting youth, advocacy, healing, and ending generational traumas. With the rise in crime and the elimination of extracurricular activities, it's important to find alternatives to keep building and stay together as a community. We develop and support new civic leadership that organizes communities to build a healthier economy and improve the quality of life for all. At the Next Gen, we believe in consolidating, growing, and sustaining our power, working together to turn our stories into sources of power and dreaming of a more just world. Supporting our community has always been a priority, and our annual festivals help local businesses gain brand awareness while providing suitable alternatives for family activities. Join us at the Next Gen and be a part of building a stronger community for everyone.

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Our mission is to empower community organizers by fostering learning spaces, building relationships, and connecting ideas to create organized people power. We are committed to furthering knowledge, capacity, and leadership in our community to promote positive change.

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Our vision is to create a more democratic, just, and sustainable county and surrounding neighborhood. We strive to build momentum to restructure economic and cultural institutions to create a more equitable and inclusive community. Join us in our mission to create a better future for all.

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